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  • Coupling Rods Letter

    Issue 46 (2003)


    Follow up information with particular reference to 44xx & 45xx classes

    Tags: 44xx, 4575 / 55xx, 45xx, letters, locomotives

  • The Evolution of the 44xx Class

    Alan Hall

    Issue 81 (2012)


    Details of the changes such as the bunker made to the 44xx class over the years.

    Tags: 44xx, locomotives

  • The '44XXs' in Traffic

    John Copsey

    Issue 80 (2011)


    In 1903, Churchward introduced a new type of tank engine, with a 2-6-2 wheel arrangement, for mixed traffic duties. A similar design for use on branch lines was introduced in late 1904 and the 11 engines of this design were formally renumbered in 1912 to 4400-4410.

    Tags: 44xx, locomotive allocations, locomotives