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  • Coupling Rods Letter

    Issue 46 (2003)


    Follow up information with particular reference to 44xx & 45xx classes

    Tags: 44xx, 4575 / 55xx, 45xx, letters, locomotives

  • Photos of 55xx

    Issue 39 (2001)


    Three photos by P. J. Garland includes tank top detail

    Tags: 4575 / 55xx, locomotives, photos

  • '45XX' Class 2-6-2Ts at work

    John Copsey

    Issue 97 (2016)


    The third and final part of the '45XX' article, which takes the story from 1954 until the end of the class's workings in 1965. It is fortunate that many working diagrams for the engines in this period have survived to take the story onwards from those of 1951-54 shown in GWR Journal No. 96, giving a quite comprehensive view of the utilisation of the class in England. We also include more GAs for the '4575' series (Lots 242 onwards) to add to those published in GWR Journal No. 96, and those of the early Lot 175 in issue No. 2 and Lot 226 in GWR Journal No. 16. We also include another selection of close-up views of '4575' types, to add to those in Journals 17, 31 and 39.

    Tags: 4575 / 55xx, 45xx, locomotives