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  • Firing Engines with Sloping Grates

    Bob Crump

    Issue 76 (2010)


    Some notes on firing GWR engines that were fitted with sloping grates including the 22XX, 34XX (Bulldogs), 42XX, 43XX, 44XX, 45XX, 51XX, 54XX, 78XX (Manors), 94XX and many of the absorbed engines such as the Taff 'A', the Rhymney 'A1' and the MSWJR 2-4-0 tender engines. Includes two cab views of a Churchward Mogul with detailed labelling of fittings.

    Tags: 43xx, driving / firing, engine crews

  • Stationary at Paddington

    Bob Crump

    Issue 78 (2011)


    Bob Crump recounts some of his experiences firing passenger trains in and out of Paddington.

    Tags: driving / firing, personal reminiscences