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  • Nights on the Oxford Station Pilot

    John Chadwick

    Issue 79 (2011)


    Oxford employed two station pilots. Almost without exception, both these pilots were 'Halls'. John Chadwick remembers 5960 St Edmund Hall as a regular, as was 6937 Conyngham Hall.

    Tags: 49xx / Hall, station pilots

  • Reading Passenger Pilots in the Early Postwar Years

    Chris Turner

    Issue 77 (2011)


    We return to Reading in this issue with a consideration of Station Pilot work, one of the unsung aspects of passenger operations. Such was the level of traffic marshalling at the station that two engines were required on an almost full-time basis, with the station down to one engine for just three hours in the early part of the morning.

    Tags: Berkshire, railway operation, station pilots, stations