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Great Western Railway Journal Index is the result of many hours of dedicated work and is, hopefully, a valuable resource for anyone interested in the Great Western Railway.


Special thanks to all who have helped out in any way, big or small: Dave Booth, Ian Sutcliffe, Adrian Marks, Gary Johnson and Brian Tuckey. Your contributions have been invaluable as is the continued support from Christopher Hopper, Jon Gwinnett, Stanley Ellames, Peter Ross, Ian MacCormac, Doug Wardle, John Lee, David Purvis, Grahame Boyes, Jolyon Wilkinsonn, Christopher Hext, Kenneth Shorrock, James Lucas, Garry Cornel, Rob Pieroni, James Snowdon, Roger Willison and Bob Allison, and Adrian Cherry and all involved with Western Thunder.

Technical stuff

The site was originally developed from scratch by Matt Ots, allowing everything to be tailored specifically to the task in hand rather than trying to hack an existing piece of software. The system includes a secure web-based admin area allowing multiple editors and administrators with varying levels of control over inputting and editing data.